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john deere 425 quick hitch hose routing

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I just got a used quick hitch with angling that does not have the colored dust caps. Where do I put the hoses, which ports. Does anyone have a picture or something so u can get them hooked up right.
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If you have color coded caps on the female couplers (tractor ports) use this:
Yellow: connect to angling cylinder front hose.
Silver/Gray: connect to angling cylinder rear hose.
Black: Lift cylinder top hose.
Green: Lift cylinder bottom hose.

If you have no color coded caps on the tractor ports use this as reference:
Yellow= inboard upper port.
Silver/Gray=outboard upper port.
Black=inboard lower port.
Green= outboard lower port.
You my friend are a life saver, thank you so very much!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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