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John Deere 420 Keeps burning front PTO field coils

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3rd one in 6 years. Adjusted always to .018 and routinely checked when cleaning machine. But 2 years later it'll start smoking and burn up. Any thoughts?????
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Check the circuit, inadequate power, or bad ground will reduce clamping force, and cause it to burn up like that.
You need to pull the pto and assure the roto hub is free to move in and out on the crank,they get stuck on the crank and when the coil is energized the coil pulls the clutch to the rotor and then the springs on the clutch pull the rotor out and away from the coil.
Just for freedom of mind i will do mine once a year after burning a coil up.Seem to me like the rotor is contacting the coil,does it stink and smoke when this happens?
And the key only needs to stick out less than 1/4 inch inti the rotor.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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