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Ηi all from Greece

I am an new memder in the forum . I am a chemical engineer and i also own a small farm runs by old my real metal machines like John deere 4040 3650, MF. Deutz, Ford tractors and Land rovers.

In this days i have a trouble in my John Deere. The problem is a metallic knock
i think from hydravlic . When tractor works in relanty the knock is small, but when i turn the steering whell end right or left the knock turns bigger.
when i lift the hydravlick up the knock stops and starts again when the hydravlic goes at the end up.
My point of view is that some valve stuck or damaged but i dont know which

Does anyone have a idea from were probably comes this problem, or which must check first?????
The think is that in my city i can't trust a repair store for hydravlic problems

Thanks in advance
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