This tractor looks rough, and it has some deficiencies, but it cranks right up and mows grass in a 5’ swath. The hour meter was broken when I got it so I don’t actually know how much it has been used. I have had it over 5 years and put at most 100 hours on it. I did repair the hour meter.
Has original Kohler engine. Oil pressure runs about 40 psi, compression on the cylinders is balanced and runs about 90 psi. It smokes some and uses about a pint of oil every 30-40 hours. I replaced the starter on the engine and the front PTO belts last year. The exhaust manifolds have been replaced. Carburetor was rebuilt. Battery is a year old and the solenoid & key switch was replaced when I got the tractor. The charging system is not working, but a charged battery lasts me all summer.
I completely flushed the hydraulic system when I got the tractor and straightened the fins on the oil cooler. The fluid & filter have been changed recently. I have had no problems with the transmission, except that it sometimes tends to creep in neutral, but that is a worn linkage issue. Rear rock shaft cylinder quit working a few months ago, so the mower deck stays at cutting height.
Deck: I rebuilt the spindles in the mower deck and welded some patches on some rust spots in the deck. Overall the deck is solid, but the belt cover doesn’t stay bolted down too well and has some rust around the edges. Several of the pulleys have been replaced. The belt on the deck is about 3 years old.
Brakes work fine. Power steering works fine, but could use some new hoses. Steering wheel is not original. Front tires are about 2 years old, rear tires are original; they hold air just fine, but I don’t know how. Seat is a year old.
If you want to talk about it, call me at (803) six4eight-6081. I probably won’t answer the phone but will return your call if you are willing to leave a message on the machine.