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John Deere 325 snowblower fitment

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Forgive me but I've been searching everywhere and I'm still confused. My friend is looking for a snow blower for his 325 and I found this one. John Deere snowblower, aerator moving sale

The guy says it's for the 200 series but it looks just like the ones I see on the 300 series. Where they the same except for mounting hardware? John deere says the 42" snow blower fits a bunch or tractors but I've got to imagine there are some mounting differences?
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That one will fit but you will need a front lift kit for the 325 since it has hydralic lift.

The attachments parts I'm seeing in the picture are for a manual lift tractor like a GT235

Front lift kit will run you about $100

That is the newer belt driven snow blower also.............the older ones are chain driven.

Not sure I would pay $300 for that one though since it does look like it has a lot of rust on it.

Here is mine on my 345

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Try to get the serial# off of it. It almost looks like a 38".
Does the 38" Thrower have the same black plastic belt guard like my 42" thrower has?
I've seen lots of 38"s but they all had the auger drive on the other side? I could be wrong so I'll try to confirm. $300 is way steep but he's had it on craigs for a while now so I think he'll negotiate.

Is this the lift bracket? John Deere Front Implement Lift Kit - BM20781
The guys can't find the serial number but he confirms it came off a GT 225
Well, the black and silver serial# sticker is in plain sight in the first picture right below the chute. I don't know if that's a red flag or not. Yes, BM20781 is lift kit for the tractor. You will also need the attaching parts kit. As a FYI, the operators manual comes with attaching parts kit. I was kinda thinking out loud about 38", probably is 42", but again serial# would answer just what it is.
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Not sure. Maybe he doesn't understand what I'm asking. I thought the attachment parts kit where the arms and stuff? Does everything but the blower it's self need to be replaced to go from the 200 to the 300 series?
Also I mixed up the model it was an LX 225 not a GT 225
No such thing as a LX225. All I can say is you need serial# from the blower.
That's what I though. That's why I thought it was a gt 225
Ask the seller to send you a picture of the ends of the black frame in the pictures and then we can better tell you if it will connect up to your 325 okay.

I'm guessing yes, you will need that lift kit you mentioned above and maybe yokes with longer studs then the ones that are there now.........Cost about 2 or 3 bucks each for the correct studs that go in the yokes.
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Both the 38 and 42 will fit on the 325. You will need a different angled stabilizer bar (sway bar?) as the one for the lx255 is a bit different
You'll need front lift kit BM20781 and attaching parts kit BM19216.The 42" thrower was made for LX and GT models,also 325,335,345,355D and GX series.A thrower off a GT will work on your 325 you just need the attaching parts kit for your hydro lift.(GT's are manual lift) I got mine off a GT 265.
Well he passed on the other blower but we found this one. Looks like the right blower but he wants to get the front blade as well but that looks like the wrong one to me?

John Deere snow blower & plow
It's a 44" front blade serial number m044fbx030525
Just make an offer for the snowblower.
That's what I told him but he really wants the blade too. Any idea if it will fit?
M044FBX will fit (2004-) GT235,245,LX280,LX289,GX255.
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