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John Deere 322?

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I found a john deere the owner thinks it a 322, he says it has a 3cyl gas engine power steering 3pt hitch hydro ports in front no deck or attachments runs but needs battery. are these good tractors? and is there anything I should look for, I think I could get it for $200
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Dale, you don't get it for $200, I will. Heading to Winchester now. Move it man!

Prettied up, battery, even with no deck but running good it's worth a bundle.

Move now. Really! There's a bunch of guys up your way who flip these things.

Calling your cell phone just to make sure you go get it.
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Yes they are good tractors.... Right now about 20 others are trying to figure out how to make it to Winchester to pick it up....
That engine is basically the same block as the diesel counterpart. They are known to be very tough and reliable. :)
cut the cell phone off
Does it have a grill emblem? A $200 JD that runs do you have to ask? The 3 point is worth that by itself :banghead3 Hope you get it and if you do be sure to post the pics :fing32:
Redman, hope you get the "deal" done to pick up that tractor! I think you'd be very pleased with it!
Holy crap. You better go get that, and soon...:fing32:
Why can't I find anything like that?
You did, you just found that H3 nearby. So go get it.:thThumbsU
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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