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john deere 320 garden tractor brake problem

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My 320 has the same brake system as the 285 garden tractor. When brakes applied shoes expand as they should and the connecting center shaft stops but the wheels keep turning. I have both the parts manual and the service manual but its difficult to see how the brake system interfaces with the splined rear axel. The motor won't start due I suspect to a failed cam gear but when I spin the starter the shaft that the brake shoe assembly surrounds does turn. But if you hold the shaft it stops turning but the wheels keep rotating. Any ideas guys? Jim
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If I had to guess. I would say failed axle splines Or failed splines between gear 6 and pinion shaft 5 spines. But tractor also would not move if spines were stripped.

Could the drum stop, but shaft it's on still be turning?


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I will check and get back. The tractor flipped on me (two vertebra and neck brace for a month) and stress put on axels while bringing it back on all four's. If your suspicion is correct, what kind of job to brake open transmission and repair? Jim
I've never been in one. Some one with experience will have to comment.
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