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John Deere 318

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Does anyone know the RPM from the rear shaft out of the transmission for the rear pto.I need to find what is the rpm Thank You
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The rear pto-powered attachments for a JD 318 (such as the tiller) are 2000 rpm designed. All of JD's GTs of that era used a 2000 rpm rear pto, such as the 318, 332, 420, 430, etc.
I need the RPM out of the pump (before PTO unit) Rear
only speed shown in manual for Rear PTO is 2000 rpm. It does not show a stub shaft speed.
Since the pump is a direct drive from the engine it will be relitive to engine speed?You can see the shaft from the back,mark the shaft,turn the engine 1 turn over by hand and check the mark,I'm thinking 1 to1 ratio.Toolmaker also (Retired)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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