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John deere 318 loader

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Need some opinions on a loader I have the opportunity to buy. It's an after market Johnson loader that bolts directly up to a 318, 4 1/2 holes are required to be drilled in the bottom of the frame rail. Does anyone know anything about Johnson loaders? It is worth drilling 4 wholes in the frame rail???


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That is a Johnson 12 Loader for a later model 140. It will not bolt directly on to a 318 without some modifications.

How much is the seller asking? And do you have some more pictures? Those would further help us identify it.
Looks pretty good. I wouldn't hesitate at all drilling four holes in the frame. Do you use the 318 you would put this on for mowing? I would think most of it would have to be removed to have a mower deck on.
Seller says he had it on a 318.. here's some pictures


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As far as mowing. I don't have a deck as of right now, looking around for a nice 50 inch but I have 2 x304s with decks so I'm not too worried about not being able to attach a deck
I assume you are drilling holes for the rear subframe mounts? That loader will slap rite onto a 140 or other closed frame hydro. Weight box is also for a closed frame. 318 will take some modification. Nice original loader hate to see it chopped.
Guy has it on a 318 already. Does it look modified to you?
Also what it your opinion on value
Does not at this point he must have drilled holes for the rear su frame in the tractor. No drilling on a 140. Good model 12 in my opinion 1500ish
That's what he said he did. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to drill holes in my 318. He said it only required 4 1/2 Inch holes
To me it sounds awsome vs chopping a sub frame.
I hate to sound dumb but once I drill 4 holes and mount this it will be fully functional right? I don't need any further mods or I don't have to sacrifice any lift height right? Guy said he'd throw in two loaded rears so I guess that's a plus
OK great. One more question... do you know how big those buckets are?
That is a Johnson 10TC loader you see on my Ford LGT to the left. I can swear by not only it's usefullness but also the toughness of the loader.

You mention drilling holes in the tractor frame to accommodate existing mounting brackets on the loader and that is fine.

However, if you must fabricate modifications, can I suggest doing as Johnson did, using a couple tube extensions from beneath the towers, attaching directly to the rear drive axle with U bolts.

There is no crossmember underneath or attachments to the tractor frame at the rear and after several years of using this combo, believe this is the reason for it's 39 yrs of longevity.

The system is rediculously simple and could be duplicated, at home out of tubing, with a chop saw and welder.

If you do not have the attaching brackets and are interested in going the route, I will post pics.

And, Welcome to the Loader Club....."No one ever regretted owning a GT loader."
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I have a model 12 on a 140. That looks like a 48" bucket. I could be wrong, but I thought the outside brake pedal on a 318 was in the way to mount a model 12 Johnson.
How do I find out if the brake is in the way? Guy said he had it on a 318
Larry with the tube extensions and axle clamps. I think your talking model 12a and not 12.
You may need to trim the right brake pedal
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