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john deere 318 help, i think the Onan is done for good?

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New to this forum, and i must say it looks fantastic! lots of helpful people, and lots of great tractor stuff. I bought my "new" 318 in the fall. My first real garden tractor. I searched for quite some time for a machine that could bag vast amounts of leafs, and clear alot of sloped, fairly steep, slippery driveway, and decided on this 318. came with power blower/catcher for leaves and the auger snowblower. It did a great job with the leaves. I was so excited to plow the driveway on this first winter storm in chicago. Well, i tried plowing without the chains, (1st mistake) and the driveway was too slippery, so i went to go get the chains and while doing that, the engine started sounding different, almost like it was on choke. Well, the engine then quit, and now won't start. The starter seems to want to crank it over, but can't so i get a grinding noise. I fear the worst, a siezed engine. There was oil in it, my only concern is that it was parked on a hill for a while, could the oil have drained back leaving no lubrication? is there an oil pump on these Onan engines? I am fairly mechanical, but haven't dealt with tractors too much. Usually if instructed well i can find the problem. my question now is, where do i start? What can i look for to figure out if this engine is done? I'm assuming that since it started ok that it is nothing electrical, and the snow thrower wasn't on and it was in neutral so i don't think its anything related to those two issues. I'm just praying someone with a good knowledge of these machines has seen this before. I don't really want to have to start the post of "so what's the best repower engine" :banghead3 although i'm pretty sure that that is coming.
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Well said Onanparts.I would not replace my Onan if I got a replacement free.I have time to work on them and the parts are NOT overpriced in my opoinion.
Hey Onanparts - those look like CCK internals to me. OK, so NOBODY makes them like that anymore. Well maybe Lister-Petter but who wants to pay $200 per horsepower these days?
knock off, good for 1000 hrs w/maint.???
the REAL honda at least 3000 hrs
ONAN good for 3000 hrs
thank you boomer ( the used onan engine parts guy )
P/S the onan parts shown are the same for ALL onan twins
Yes I agree, real Honda is better at $2000+ but 1000 hours translates to many years in ordinary (i.e. not commercial) use. As I said, it is all about bang for the buck. For example a lawnmower with 1000 hours on the engine would probably have no deck left, just some rusty bits (unless its like my 30 year old Lawnboy Mag).
I re-built a CCK on a generator after it ran over 5000 hours at 1800RPM powering a highway arrow-board sign. That was over 15 years ago and the parts alone cost me close to $900. The engine ran like new after that and then the generator field coil went to lunch. I sold it as is and recouped my costs but I learned that sometimes rebuilding antiques is best left to the connoisseurs with deep pockets.
101 - 104 of 104 Posts
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