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John Deere 318 Battery

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I think my battery is really low, the dash lights are dim and my starter is spinning slowly. Are these symtoms of a low battery?
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The battery is a John Deere Strong Box, and was bought in July '10. On a side note I haven't ran the tractor for a month, and to add, when I turn the key to start it the lights on the dash are almost off, the starter will turn so slowly, then stop.
Well, in mid January I found a starter motor to put on it, and tinkered with it for a while, trying to get the starter to run, to find out the starter was shot, that probably ran my battery down.
Well, I got my original starter fixed and bench tested it, so it can't be that, and when I tried it, the starter spun fast, then while cranking it slowed down. So I will get it load tested, and give it a jump.
Success!!! This morning I took my battery to the auto store, had them load test it, and what do you know, no juice. So they charged, tested again and BINGO!!! My fixed original starter works perfectly now, and sounds great!!!!
My battery light has been on for a while now. I think I may need a new regulator. But I have another problem with the wiring on the regulator too.
Anyone have insight on this regulator problem?
Thanks D-Dogg, I have one problem though, the regulator is some how shorting when I connect the inner AC connector,I get sparks and the wire gets hot.
Well, one of my wires is abraded.
Alright, so this past week I changed the bad connector on my regulator, and now it works great. Now my battery is charging!!! And no battery light!!!!
1 - 10 of 20 Posts
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