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John Deere 318 Battery

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I think my battery is really low, the dash lights are dim and my starter is spinning slowly. Are these symtoms of a low battery?
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Yes, it sounds low, but first, let's check the fluid level, charge it, and have it load tested. Then check the charging system.
The battery is a John Deere Strong Box, and was bought in July '10. On a side note I haven't ran the tractor for a month, and to add, when I turn the key to start it the lights on the dash are almost off, the starter will turn so slowly, then stop.
Mine is a 6 year old Walmart battery and I just started the tractor for the first time in a month this morning. No problems.

Not to be insulting, but I wouldn't buy a battery from JD. No telling how old it is.

But it sounds like you have troubles a new battery won't fix.
Thanks D-Dogg, I have one problem though, the regulator is some how shorting when I connect the inner AC connector,I get sparks and the wire gets hot.
If thy hand offend thee, cut it off. Oh wait, it's Tuesday. Just disconnecting the outer white wires and check the stator voltage with the engine running will do.

Then ohm the regulator case to either of the outside terminals to check for shorts.

But I suspect your regulator might be mounted cocked such that one lug might be shorting against the engine cover. Or one of your wires is abraded.
Well, one of my wires is abraded.
Liquid electrical tape is pretty good stuff. Just clean and dry the wire very well, then cover the abraded area thoroughly before application. Cover the abraded area completely with some overlap. AND LET THE STUFF DRY COMPLETELY.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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