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John Deere 300 - new engine, whats it worth?

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Quick question to the forum. I've been lurking and looking for a used tractor for months now. I'd like to get an older JD 3XX series which will allow me to do my mowing (only a half acre) but also blow snow, use a blade etc.

I've recently come across a JD 300 with a new vanguard engine, ~48" deck, ok rubber (mismatched front tires though) and missing engine covers for $2600. Seems steep to me but I drove it and the thing runs like a champ, plenty of power, good deck operation.

For around the same money I'm finding 318's with original motors that have 1000+ hours on 'em.

Thoughts, opinions?

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People have been getting 318s with < 1000 hours for < $1000 lately.

If you can verify the Vanguard is brand new, it is a $1500-$1700 engine.

I wouldn't pay $2600 unless it comes with a ton of attachments.
Seems steep to me as well. A new Kohler shortblock of the original motor is $1300 from Small Engine warehouse..... if the "new" motor is really new like less than 1 year old, then maybe $2000 would be a fair price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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