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John Deere 30" Mechanical Tiller HELP!

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I am trying get guidance on the belt installation. When replacing the belt #2 (rear) the belt twists and burns. in reading the manual there is supposed to be a "half twist" in front and back. I have tried to adjust the tension however it does not seem to help at all. Could someone please give me some guidance here????
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Well, my first question is are you using a John Deere belt? An aftermarket v-belt is not going to work on that tiller. I'm going to send you a link and you can find belt installation starting on page 17.
Thanks for the info. I have to manual, but those instructions are pretty vague. I ended up putting the old belt back on. The new belt was purchased at Deere dealer. I believe my tensioner could be the problem. I can't adjust to the 3mm setting. I may have a bad spring. Problem is, even the dealerships aren't too familiar with these units. Thanks for the help!
I'll have to try this weekend. But that might be the ticket. Thank you
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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