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I've never looked too closely at the governor setup on the 214 but it seems odd you need to field strip the whole engine. There's no real rocket surgery to stripping these engines down. I've yanked two horizontal shaft K181S motors in the past month and taking your time you can have it out and on the bench in an afternoon or less. The only thing I'd recommend past basic hand tools is an impact wrench.

Tips I've found:
1) Download the Kohler engine service manual if its available for your motor (I think it is). If nobody posts the link I have a couple in pdf I can e-mail.
2) Bag and label parts as you go. Especially if you're over 40 and/or have kids.
3) Take pictures as you go of various stages. The carb and governor linkage are usually important for me because I can never remember which holes the linkage was set up in.

Edit: Try
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