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John Deere 212/Snowblower mounting question

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I have a John Deere 212 and I just recently purchased a Snowblower for it. I have had numerous issues getting it hooked up. First, I didn't have the lift linkage. Once I got that I was moving again. Then, my lift motor went out. I never did fix that because the cost is way to much. I'll just keep the snowblower in the down position.

Now I have it hooked onto the frame. Their appears to be one more piece missing and I don't know what it's called to look for the part. It's the pulley on the mower that the snowblower belt wraps around. The only pulley that is there is inside the engine (it's what the belt to the mower deck hooks onto). My dad said there is a spot for another pulley to hook onto. It has three holes were it can be mounted. Here is a picture of a pulley that looks like it would fit although I'm not sure it's the right one:

That isn't my listing. It's the only picture of a JD pulley I could find where the big inside hole and the three smaller holes look like it would match. Any ideas? Is this what I need? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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First I had and electric lift that went out on my 212. For $30.00 and some effort I changed it over to manual lift. I bought a manual lift and left side pedestal from ebay and then removed the one for the electric lift and replaced it. It is a very tight fit under there and took me a whole weekend to get it replaced.
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When I looked to replace the electric motor in mine they were still available but was $383.00 and that was several years ago!
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