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John Deere 1985 4450 tractor

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My John Deere Tractor 4450 (1985) has AC issues. The AC compressor clutch broke twice because the compressor froze up? AC Was on and working fine both times before the clutch broke. I was told the refrigerant lines that run up to the top of the cab may have rusted inside and pieces of rust break off and lock up the compressor? If so, can I just blow out the two lines or have to replace them? Is this hard to do? How can I flush out the evaporator and the entire AC system? It's an Old tractor but runs great. Need help!
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I used to work at a car dealership. And when we got an older car that had compressor problems, it usally meant that most or all a/c lines and hoses had to be replaced because of contamination. If the customer had us try and save money by flushing the hoses and lines it usally meant they would be back the next year or maybe even sooner to replace just a out everything. That was a few years ago. And maybe the products being developed now work better.

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