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John Deere 1965 110 Round Fender Front Tires

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I am in the middle of restoring a JD 110RF (1965)and I was curious if there was a correct way to mount the front tires. Meaning valve stem facing in or out. I am pretty sure they are mounted facing in if there is an intention to use front wheel weights. Thought I'd ask the experts if there is a preferred way to be most correct. I don't plan on mounting front wheel weights.

Looking at photos on the internet, I think I have seen them both ways.

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The wheels on my 110 were in factory, ill check my manual and see what they are in the pictures.
Pretty sure it's facing in. That's what I've always been told anyways.
Make sure you put the seat base/spring on the correct direction too! That bugs me as much as the grille emblem bugs Katt. :beatdeadh
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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