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John Deere 14SX/SB

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Got a question for you John deere 14sx/sb (not sure) silver deck guys. The guy who owns the local mower shop down the street past away and his family is selling off all of his stuff. He has 3 of these JD mowers and I was wondering what they are worth. I can buy them and then sell them to who ever wants one but I don't know what to offer them.

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It totally depends on condition. I paid $40 for my 14SB but put $140 into it to make it a good mower and the engine ran when I bought it. If the engine is broken they are kind of worthless as Kawasaki parts are extremely expensive. 14SBs had a history depending on the year of having transmission problems. I would offer no more than $75 for all three if you are trying to flip them. Roger
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I agree, they are great if everything on them is in 100% working order, but they can be expensive to repair... The BBC and the transmission being the big ticket items. Of course if you get 3 that are all the same you can always use one as a parts mower. I think the SX is the commercial model, correct? Hopefully they weren't all used commercially.
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the sc is the comm model and its awesume cause its dosnt have bbc
I agree with rhenning as to your offer. The worst he can do is say no. I have had my 14SB since new in 1996. I just went to the JD dealer and bought two plugs and two oil filters counting on at least two more seasons with it. With a fresh plug it still starts on the first pull! Second pull at the end of the season.
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