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John Deere 140

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Hi! My dad wants to sell his John Deere 140 tractor, but we have no idea what to charge. It use to run, but has been sitting for a couple years and doesn't run now. Has a new battery and vaccuum engine on the back. We would like to charge a fair price, don't want to over charge anyone, but also don't want to give it away. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Also have an old JD snow blower, you think it's worth anything?

Pics attached.



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Hi Julie
It is tough to sell a tractor that is not running and get good money for it; prices will vary depending on location. The tractor looks like an "H1" meaning it has one hydraulic spool. "H3" are more desirable. A serial number would help us give you information. Does it have a deck? Are there more parts than what is shown?

The snow blower looks like it is quite rusty. What does the inside look like? Also I count at least three wheel weights (the fourth is probably there) Weights range in price from say $140 to $250 a pair depending on whether they are single or double notched.:fing32:

I know others will chime in. Ask as many questions as you want. We'll try to help you out.:thThumbsU
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Welcome from Spotsylvania, Jewels!

Apologize in advance if I sound a little terse, but a couple of pics and a very general desctiption aren't much to go on.

Not running, I don't think a new battery is going to make much difference in price. Sorry, just the fact. Also, without the complete deck, bagger, etc. setup, the new engine on the powerflow isn't worth much. Restorers want the original engine.

Your 140 does look like an H1 from what I see, which is not as desireable as the H3. Again, not running, and not seeing the front end, I doubt more than $250. You don't mention whether it has a deck or bags for the grass collector, etc.

Not to be insulting but your blower looks like heck. Maybe $150?

As Deerenut mentioned, your wheel weights seem to be the valuable part of this collection.

But, what I see, (and again, please don't be insulted as that is not my intent) is a few random photos of some stuff that's been sitting out for a while "where-is, as-is".

I would encourage you to make some effort to prepare and present these items for sale.

Move the equipment to a clear area, or clear the leaves out of those areas.
Wash it down or at least blow all the leaves out.
Take pictures from all 4 sides and top and bottom.
Document the serial numbers for the tractor and blower.
Air the tractor's tires up (if they will hold air).
Describe the current condition better (will the engines turn freely, will the auger turn freely, is the blower shell rusted through anywhere, how many of which kind of weights do you have there).

Looking forward to a little more info.:trink39:
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Thank you both for your response and your help. Spotsylvania, your response made me laugh! Didn't insult me at all. It was funny! The serial number on the the tractor is AS 2253234.
The snow plow is rusty and has rust on the inside. There are two weights.
Yes, it has been sitting out for a couple years, covered with a tarp. I am hoping someone will want it as a restoration project.

I've had several calls and someone is coming out to look at it so we'll see what happens. Thanks again. I really appreciate your help! :fing32:
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Well cool. Looks like a 73, I believe.

Didn't figure you would have a load of trouble selling it.
Well.. The Katt-ster loves a challenge! :dunno: (*Hope it has a grill emblem!)

As stated above put a little effort into presentation of the thing and more information will help sell the thing.

Presented as it is in the pictures it will garner little more than scrap value.. :sorry1:

It could be restored to a nice machine but will take a lot of work & $$ so :goodl: and I hope you will find a 140 fan!:trink40:
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Wish you were closer. I need another deere :p
Wish you were closer. I need another deere :p
Boy do I know what you mean... but too long of a drive from Ontario. :p
Just from the 3 pics you have, I'd say the blower is worth between $150 to $200 (more if the auger spins freely and you have the drive belt somewhere), the cast iron wheel weights are another $150, the vacuum is maybe $100 to $150, the tractor may not run, but the hood looks to be intact, minimal rust for being stored outside, I'd say $300 to $400, if you could get it running, add another $150 to $250. Definitely clean away the leaves and wash what you can. So adding up my numbers, if all the stuff was to be sold seperate, figure $800 on the low side, figure $1050 on the high side. Sold as a package deal, figure $650 on the low side, and maybe $750-850 as a max price,
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if the party that was to look at the 140 didn't buy it. how good do you paint.
a little grease and some paint on the blower would make it worth more.
get the engine working, may be something really simple. it would then be more money for the tractor. clean up everything soap and water make's for a great cleaning agent. a clean machine will sale a lot better than a dirty one. good luck on the sale of the 140.
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To offer a difference of opinion, no way I'm paying anywhere near $750 for that. In that condition the only thing with any real value are the weights. IMHO, if you can get $500 take it and run.
To offer a difference of opinion, no way I'm paying anywhere near $750 for that. In that condition the only thing with any real value are the weights. IMHO, if you can get $500 take it and run.
IMO, weights are worth $150 at the most. Snowblower - maybe $100 at the most, if it isn't rusted all the way through, which it looks to be. I would not give more than $350 for a non-running H1. If you have the rest of the pieces for that leaf vac, that would fetch some decent money. As it sits, $100?
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