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Hi, new to the site so I'm looking for information on this tractor. I went to WFM but it didn't list that model. Anyway, I purchased two within the last couple weeks.

The first one has the original motor that doesn't burn oil and runs fairly well but only came with a JD pull trailer and a snow plow, no mower deck. The guy I bought if from didn't know much about it other than it was his brother's. The only thing I'm haveing problems with it is that the choke setup may have been monkeyed with because it won't run smooth unless it's pulled out about a 1/4 to a half. I have to play withit untill it doesn't pulse. I purchase it mainly for my parents because my dad can't get around like he use to and his Murry lawn tractor blow out the transaxle. I figured these were built better. I picked it up for $350.

The second one I found during the past weekend and only paid $200. This one had the motor replaced with a BS vanguard 20hp and had the original mower deck. The guy inherited it from his father-inlaw when he passed. The problem with this one was his friend installed an amp meter in the dash and used a light gauge wire. It was running fine until the wires overheated and started a small fire and cooked the wires.:banghead3 I was figuring I would pull the meter out and take the wiring harness off the first and put it on the second unless someone out here knows where I can get a new harness. It's that or just rewire the whole thing with new heavier gauged wire to keep this from happening again.

My questions are:
Where do I go to get info on these units?
Did I pick these up at a good price?
Where can I get parts for these units"
Should I sell both and purchase something that could cut the lawn, throw the snow, and do some light excavating around his farm?

I know this is a lot to digest but I want to make sure my dad can use this for the next few years without worry of something breaking down or not working.

Thanks in advance.:thanku:

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john deere dealer ,ebay and craiglist is how u find part for these,they are everywhere,most parts are common with the 108-111-112L
:ditto: on ebay as that series of tractor doesn't have the collector following as some of the other deere tractors do.You should be able to pick up some bargains!:fing32:
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