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john deere 111 fuel pump

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Hey everyone, I've seen some posts on here about replacing the original fuel pump with something different but I guess I didn't get the answer I'm looking for, anyways on this 83 or 84 11hp briggs its got the fuel pump on the motor cover, left side. I found a universal pump with the same style in out and vacuum just wondering if something like that would work or are there certain requirments it needs? All this one says is universal/ fits many vacuum pumps. Also where does the vacuum line connect too, all the lines were removed off pump and has a low pressure electric pump on it for now(as I bought it) lol. Thanks, Adam.
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I used a Briggs and Stratton part# 808656 and it worked great. The vacuum line goes just below the carb on the block. On the pump it has arrows for the line in and the line out and P for Pulse.


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Oh wow thats perfect thank you, thats one i kept seeing online but wasnt sure. Definetly getting one and taking off the electric mess.

Ok so ill put that one, One other thing.. I was blowing snow tonight, and when the tractor gets warmed up and the pto is engaged and bogged down and dies..sometimes i can quickly shut off the pto and let it rev up but not always...It does it on every third pass on the driveway, its strange like somethings getting too warm, does it sound like a coil maybe?

Again thanks for the quick reply and awesome picture littleJD
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Hey guys/gals,

First time posting on here (besides the new introductory) i read the forum and I just ordered the Briggs and Stratton 808656 part number ! littleJD how did you mount the new fuel pump? Could you please upload some better pictures ! My part arrives on Monday ! Thanks

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