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Hi all,
Went to an awesome John Deere show today at
Kinzers, Pennsylvania, USA. It was HOT but I still enjoyed looking at all the fine old Green and yeller iron! Plus who doesn't love the sounds??? Well I know you all love pictures so...:trink39:

This guy is looking for a deck to fit his old JD rider... :biglaugh:

This guy says his rider has NO PROBLEMS WITH HILLS but the front gets a LITTLE LIGHT if he eats before hand! :sidelaugh

This 140 h3 Patio was awesome! So clean! :eek:mg:

Kids don't have a problem with traction with this baby! :aetsch:

Big stuff was there as well... :eck21:

Big and old!

And for the rest of the pictures (120 in all!!!) please visit my photo page:

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