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Jeep support tractor!

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I picked up my buddies lgt 120 that was in rough shape but everything was there. Today I got it running after it sitting for over 2 years and it starts rough when cold. I also reinstated my love for PB Blaster today, I had little bits of rust in the jets of the carb so I sprayed a little blaster in it and cranked it untill it started. I have to say it worked wonders, the tractor wouldnt run at any rpm for more than a few seconds before the treatment.

Please bear with me as I ask alot of questions. I am going to do some searching after I post this.

As the title says this is going to be a jeep support tractor for the parking lot of Rausch creek offroad park. Im planning on adding a 6-8 drawer tool box on the back and have a removable parts bin on the front (Make somthing that slides into the weight plate on the front).

I also want to make a sort of light stand that has 2 100 watt offroad fog lights mounted on the top of the pole so I can have a light for the camp ground and for late night wrenching. I also want the pole to be able to swing down for when working under the jeeps. My question is would the 100w lights be to much for the tractor to supply?

Does anyone know the bolt pattern of the tractor? I have some spare tires sittin around from my jeep and I want to see how funny it looks.

Has anyone separated the clutch from the brake? Are you able to shift the trans axle while in motion with the clutch only?

If anyone has any tips as to making the tractor better for my purposes let me know please.
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