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Hi all... Some of you may remember the saga of the JD 425 that wont spark this spring, which I was able to fix eventually... YAY...

Well, now the thing wont turn over.... Already has a new starter, click click goes the solenoid but no turn... Wiring, battery power etc all good.

I pulled the plugs and couldn't turn the motor by hand. I was able to knock it loose with a screwdriver in the power take off junction, a little rocking and suddenly I could turn the motor over by hand easily, however, when the starter is engaged it only turns a short way and then locks up again.

The obvious first thing and one of the easiest things to check would be is the starter bendix jamming the flywheel somehow? That check will be done soon...

I am wondering if there is any other common failure with a JD425 that I may want to look into? Is it possible something like the transmission or power take-off is jamming the motor somehow? Or something inside the motor that might cause this? When I had the plugs out and motor knocked free I spun it around a good bit by hand with no issues, but as soon as I turn the key it locks up. So that points me to either the starter jamming or the something electrical engaging a drag on the motor output.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
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