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JD400 Reverser - No Forward

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Reverser on my JD400 Industrial is malfunctioning. Works in reverse, does not do forward. Checked hydraulic pressures at forward tap and reverse tap on reverser control valve. Pressure is good on reverse pressure tap, there is almost no pressure at all on the forward tap. As clutch is nearly released, see pressure creep to maybe 3-5 psi, then feel a small "bump" then jumps back to zero. I have just changed hydraulic fluid and both filters - all checke done per tech manual SM-2074. Where is most likely place to find problem?
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Check linkage on the shift valve. There's a pin on linkage that has a history of giving problems.
Next step I guess I will remove and clean/inspect the reverser control valve and look for 'something wromg'.
Sounds as if you're thinking is the same as mine. Shifter valve problem
Where do you live in N Central Tx? I live in the newest little town in N Central TX. named Coyote Flats which 30 miles S of Ft. Worth.
Congratulations! A job well done makes a body feel good.
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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