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JD316 , hitch need pic of what you have

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I bought some sears implements and want to weld up a hitch to use them on my 316. if any of you have some home brew hitch ideas that use these sears implements please feel free to post some pics. I have a plow , sod buster , and back blade, and the blade is 1/2 thick and heave. I'll post some pics of what I have tomorrow or later tonight. Thanks :)
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Are they sleeve hitch or 3 point?
Is your 316 an Onan or Kohler?

You can get a 3 point from Ruegg that I would highly recommend if you have the Onan version or you can find sleeve hitch plans @
The implements are 3pt , I have no hitch at this time wanting to weld one up to fit the JD 316. As for the motor its a Onan. Thanks for the nice call on sunday TNT :) I had to go to the restroom and was on my way there LOL. BTW are you a CSA farmer ?
Why not look at one of these Cat 0 3point kits from here or Here :thThumbsU
Heres some pics of what I picked up ..... they are Sears plows and the back blade is home made. Get a load of the tow hitch they used for the back blade support LOl , talk about heavy , and that 1/2in blade bolted on it.


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