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JD212 stolen in front of me

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I was trying to get across the street when I looked over and saw 2 guys cutting the locks on my landscape trailer. As hard as I could try I could not get across that street with all the traffic :( . :Stop:

We got them on video cam at to angles and real good footage. The good news is MTF came through on the serial number , YEA ! . I looked for it and I remembered that I posted it a while back and looked it up , Thank MFT again ! , I also have it registered with WFM.
I'm still upset that there are some people in this world that will stop at nothing to steal what they want. There were 2 other accomplices with them and got their vid toooo.
I just hope I get my tractor back soon , just glad the 316 wasn't on the trailer at the time. :crybaby:
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That's nuts that three guys go out and jack a tractor off your trailer. How did they make their getaway? Even hotwiring the 212 will only get them 6 MPH.

:sterb025: :madpc:
That sucks big time. I hate a thief.
They took the whole trailer . tractor and heavey lift and some tools
I hope you find them soon.:sterb003::sterb003::sterb003:
Hope all your safetys work, hate to see them come back and file a lawsuit for injuries sustained!!!! It may seem crazy but that's our legal system!!!!
Sorry to hear about that Mike. Hopefully they will be soon apprehended.

You know, I'm going to ask Ken in Tx if he'll put up an announcement that the gallery is available and that you can put your serial number next to a picture of your equipment.
That sucks. How brazen is that? They did this on the side of road full of heavy traffic? Unreal.
Heres some pics , I really like that little tractor :( and trailer ...Hope she comes home soon.


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Hope you find the good for nothing $$$$$$$$$$$$ wish you the best
I hope you find them, and I hope their community service is several hundred hours of cutting grass with a swing blade!
I suggest several hundred days cutting grass with -- wait for it -- a pair of scissors!

I usually have mower & truck parts for sale. I get the parts from the storage that is out in the country and meet the buyer at a gas station, Wal Mart or home. If they saw one of my big ads on CL then they know I have a lot of stuff. Some will ask if they can see the rest of my stuff. I reply its at a private storage that I rent and the owners rules are no one else visits there. There are a few who push and ask again to go to my storage to see the rest of my mowers and I reply, no not a chance.
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Good luck to you and hope everything comes out OK for you. slkpk
My state Constitiution reads
That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property ... shall not be questioned.
Hope you find your equipment. Insurance dosen't even come close to covering your loss. A few years ago i was doing a sewer line replacement in Watts, outside of Los Angeles. We had a tow behind air compressor, and the guys were using a jackhammer with a spade bit to line break the asphalt in the street. We took a short break, leaving the compressor running. As we were sitting under the shade tree, a BIG dude walks up, grabs the hammer, puts the bit on the air hose, hits the lever, severing the hose, throws a 90lb hammer on his shoulder and casually strolls off. A couple labors jumped up and were headed off after him. :Stop::Stop: I told them let it go, it aint worth your life. people that are this brazen to steal your stuff in broad daylight, you are better off getting good video like you did and letting the cops handle it. They got your stuff, but you got your life. If there is one thing I have learned working around LA, its let it go, it aint worth yer life...good luck, it could of been worse. Glad you are still here to tell us about it!
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Yea or maybe that's the answer. Roll over and play dead. Some life.
Stand up and grow a pair Ca.
Yea or maybe that's the answer. Roll over and play dead. Some life.
Stand up and grow a pair Ca.
You aint never been to Watts! I have been shot at, knives pulled, bricks thrown at me, because i stand up. Your right, Californians, and the nation in general need to stand up, but we have to do it together. I am Texan born and bred and dont put up with BS. i did what I did for the safety of my crew, not my own safety. A lady got shot on the freeway here a couple weeks ago. Why? her husband, who was driving, was going 75 in the fast lane, in a 65 mph zone. The guy behind didnt like it, thought the man was driving too slow, So he shot the passenger (the lady). It's a whole different world out here and i would love to move back east where people are civilized! But i am here for now and do what I gotta do....
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