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I've done a lot of diagnosis on this issue but I'm stuck on how to fix it. Any ideas gratefully received. I had this mower booked in, with a local shop, in in January, but they kept getting delayed and delayed, and now due to corona, they won't come and pick it up. Same for the local main JD dealers.

So, here's the problem. My 2010 JD (Yanmar diesel engine) will turn over but won't fire up, and I believe this is because the fuel cut off appears to be stuck in the off position.

This is a view of the fuel system, looking from the front of the tractor.

This is a link video that shows the view into the fuel pump.

In the top (circular) opening (marked with red 1) there is a 'paddle' that the solenoid pushes to cut off the fuel. This paddle is jammed and won't move from the off position. From what I can tell, that top paddle is connected to the lower paddle (marked 2), in the bottom (squareish) opening. The movement of the circular (bottom) part (marked 3) is when I move the throttle cable.

I can see that the lower paddle (2) has a spring, which appears to be still attached, and I would expect that spring to pull (2) back (to allow fuel to flow), but I can't get it to move more than a millimetre. I don't know how much the paddle (1/2) should move when it's working. I have given it quite a good push, but not sure how much pressure to exert.

If I push really hard on (2), and try to turn over the engine, it does fire up, so that's why I'm convinced this is the issue.

I've checked the solenoid and it is extended at rest and retracted when the ignition is turned, which I think is correct, so I don't think that is the issue.

Any experts out there?
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