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JD X495 smoking help

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Hi, I have a JD X496. I left the key in and the battery died. We tried to boost it off but I did not attach the positive terminal to the JD battery good enough. It fell over and shorted out the battery. The electronics started smoking and white smoke clouds Came off. I bought a new battery and attached it. Then the alternator started smoking. The lights on the dash still will not turn on. I need help I don’t even know where to start. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
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I just did a quick search and saw an X495 wiring harness, two parts. One lights and one the rest, bit over $200. An X320 complete harness with fuses and fuse panel was only $90. Then there were used ones much cheaper. If I had to replace a harness and didn’t want to tackle it myself, I think I’d get a new harness and have it installed. At $85 an hour, I wouldn’t want a mechanic tracing each wire, unless they saw something right away and said the could fix it easy.
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