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JD X495 smoking help

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Hi, I have a JD X496. I left the key in and the battery died. We tried to boost it off but I did not attach the positive terminal to the JD battery good enough. It fell over and shorted out the battery. The electronics started smoking and white smoke clouds Came off. I bought a new battery and attached it. Then the alternator started smoking. The lights on the dash still will not turn on. I need help I don’t even know where to start. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!
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Welcome Grant... sorry to have to meet you under such unfortunate circumstances.

I'm guessing what happened is that the hot from the vehicle shorted through the tractor's frame and/or wiring, depending on what the hot side of the jumper landed on. That would most likely take out all or most of the fuses, quite possibly the wiring harness and... who knows.

If you don't own a multimeter I suggest you employ the services of a dealer or other experienced repair shop.
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