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JD X300 intermittent power

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Purchased a used JD X300 with about 62 hrs on it. Noticed once started and with throttle up full and blades engaged, it runs at something LESS than full power until aprox 15 minutes have passed. Then out of nowhere when I pause, the engine seems to "kick in" fully, one hears the engine power/sound increase and I can proceed to cut anything, whereas before this happens, I need to baby it and cut slowly otherwise it will bog down and quit in taller grass. Almost as if its firing only on one cylinder until the second decides its ready to go! I'm a DIY guy, and trouble shooting slowly, changing plugs today! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated TNX! Apple
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Change plugs and maybe sea foam in gas tank to clean out some gunk?
maybe air filter or pre filter?
Wierd indeed.. Read your plugs when you remove them and they will tell the story of what's going on.. Where did you get that handle??--->
Here's a thread for you to read/ post to when you get some spare time:

Noticed once started and with throttle up full and blades engaged...
how does it run when first started with the blades disengaged? I am assuming if it "kicks-in" then it is NOT running fully when cold???

more info will help-

could be a PTO clutch issue, misaligned or incorrectly gapped, mine acted that way until cleaned and gapped correctly-

and if your knocking apple inc. :thThumbsU
Sticky throttle plate, perhaps. That happened to me.
Thanks gang for all of your replys. To date I've changed air and gas filters, used carb cleaner and fuel cleaner to degunk anything that could be in the lines, greased all locations, and last night I changed the plugs. Funny that WNY tractor tinkerer mentioned reading the plugs...have always looked for those signs and this time they gave confused the snot outta me lol. One plug seems to be burning about right, but the other is dark & loaded up. Thinking this is showing me that it is indeed an issue of the tractor running often only on one cylinder. Another funny thing was that the top of the plug was rusted bigtime! Not sure how (or why) condensation could get under the plugwire's cap, even if it was parked outside before my is still covered by the hood.

After new plugs there was no change in the hesitation thing...ran like it was on half power for about 15 minutes...then during a pause (lets the motor spin back up when it bogs down) all of sudden it decided to "kick in" and poof I had full power and ran right along. I am guessing it is not running at full power when blades are disengaged, although since there is no load on the motor..I can't tell as it humms nicely.

PTO clutch and a sticky throttle plate...hmmmmm

About the was my Dad's years ago during CB era of the 70's & 80's. It was a name his fellow Army soldiers used to ID guys from northern NY's apple country. After he passed I began using it in his memory...although I gave up my CB days long ago ;)

Again thanks to all for your feedback.... Unless I get lucky troubleshooting this out, after the grass cutting season I may bring it in to JD for a look see.... Best to all!
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It sound like the ignition coil or the spark plug wire is damage.

When the engine gets hot the "spark" gets to the plug intermittently.
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