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As I mentioned in another thread, I picked up a pair of JD cast wheel weights for my DGS6500. I got them on today and thought I'd share the pics.

This is how they came, complete with yellow primer.

I mixed up some gray to match the wheels and sprayed them.

This is how it looks from the side.

The 3/4 view, the weights don't stick out at all (even the bolts) from the tire.

I originally thought these weights were 70#, the dealer sold them as 75# and the JD manual below refers to them as 72#. They're also referred to as 'starter weights' as the threaded holes in them will accept more weights bolted on (OMG). :)

They were a bit of a struggle to mount but, overall, I'm really happy with the results.

The part # for these weights is BM17973. The 50# version is BM17972. The 50's are either stand alone or stackable.

This JD manual has the best info I've found on these so far.

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If you put John Deere weights on your craftsman .....the wheels will ,.....FALL OFF.....:sidelaugh ......:hide: just messing with you ...that is a nice looking tractor... even if it isn't my favorite color. .....:goodl:

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Hey.... I have Craftsman weights on my JD. What a coincidence.:00000060:

Wanna trade? :hide: Mine are only 50#, though.

Looks good and I'm sure you can feel the difference.
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