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JD vs WH Single Stage Blower?

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Not having used either the JD or WH single stage snowblower attachment, I thought I'd ask the opinions of those who have used them. I only have room to park one tractor with a mounted blower up in the garage near where it would be used. I really don't want to mount both blowers only to take the one back off and then rearrange storage. Whichever ones I don't use will be in storage until spring. I want to get set up before the snow blows. So do you have an opinion on which is the better to use?

JD...42 inch single stage in VG condition to be mounted on a 325 with 17 HP Kawasaki single. Hydro drive and lift. Ag' tires. Could mount chains if needed.

WH...42 inch counting "wings" in nice condition to be mounted on either a 416-H with 16 HP Onan, or on a 312-8 12 HP Kohler. Both tractors have power lift, the 312 is electric and I think the 416 is hydraulic. Turf tires with chains.

The tractors are equal in dependability, so that is not a factor.
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I run the wings on my Ingersoll and I like them. I haven't noticed any steering issues using them. I also run Tri-Ribs for easier steering in the winter. slkpk
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