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JD Mini Fleet - ready for snow (PICS)

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After last years massive snow here in New England, I decided to be better prepared for this winter. Went out and filled the stable and as Murphy's Law would have it - no snow !!!!

Today it is like a Summers day, so decided to take the small heard out for some exercise. Took some pictures. Notice the size difference between the 325 and the 1026r. The 325 did very well with the massive snow last year, but ultimately I ran out of room with the piling of snow after each storm. Figured a blower would be best to move the snow without leaving piles.


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Nice! I think we all have been surprised by the mild weather so far.
Beautiful tractors! :thanku: for the pics!
Very nice 1026r. I was in Minot, ND on Thursday and it was 60 degrees. Frost hasnt even set in the ground as a farmer was plowing his field across from my jobsite. Crazy weather indeed. I have used the blower once this year with only an inch of snow.
Nice tractors, you are definitely ready for snow. Your 325 and blade looks like new. :fing32:
How is your lawn so green?! Nice herd!
Nice equipment!

Good to know you can get a backhoe with a sub-compact. I thought I had to go to a CUT to get a backhoe - NICE!

Great to have a blower and a plow but if only one and lots of snow, the blower is the only way to go, you will be happy you did.

I beat murphys law last year.

It was my first year with a tractor blower and cab and we got 190"+ of snow. I did about 50+ hours! Was excited as ****.

At this time last year I think we had about 100" of snow.

This year we are at about 15"! And that is fine with me, the excitement is over and now it is just moving snow... so the less the better, but the snowmobile has not moved either... :)

Fun to beat murphy but it only happens once in a while...

But for your sake I hope you get DUMPED on soon! :trink40::trink40:

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Great weather today. I seriously thought about driving down to Triggs Memorial in Providence for the first round of the year! Excellent machines. Must take a long time to clear snow with the back hoe though. :trink40:

EDIT: Can we get a closer shot of that giant urn in the background? WOW!
Dinomax, I'm with ya. I also ran out of room plowing with my tractor last year here in RI. I also went out and bought a new tractor with a blower, but no snow.
Wow, that lawn is really green still. Here in PA, we've got no snow either, but the grass at least on my lawn has gone into full winter retreat.

Oh, and thanks for the idea. Here I have always gone out between snows and re-pushed all my edges back to make room for the next round of snow. Had it only occurred to me, I could have bought a new 1026r with blower and saved the time. Wink-Wink.
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Great looking tractors. slkpk
Wow dinomax that 1026 is a monster, if we ever get any snow you will have no problems at all
im with you got all ready for snow and nothing this year. ill keep on waiting and finding things for my tractor. hopefully it will snow soon
Thanks for the pics of that Beautiful herd! Could be worse guys there is a place in AK that had 18 FEET fall recently, they are calling out the National Guard for help. I'm happy with the mild winter so far and hope it holds on till late Jan as that would mean spring is right around the corner. Last year was enough snow for awhile.
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