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JD LX176 +tiller... HELP!

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Last fall I came into possession of a very clean LX176 that runs really well. It came with a JD 38" mower deck and a 3rd party snowblower both of which work fine.

Also included was a JD 30" mechanical tiller. I was told that the tiller does connect and run well and shown the garden that he said his Dad had tilled with it the previous spring. Father had past and the son was moving away.

Try as I might I cannot figure out how they had ever had the thing mounted.... and local JD dealer service were of no help whatsoever...I am hoping that maybe someone here has a pointer or two to let me get to sleep at night.
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I own both a GT275 with a tiller and a LX176. I have attached pictures. The GT275 has a rear hitch that extends out several inches past the gas tank. Also the GT275 has a place to attach the special bolts that hold the tiller. (The LX has some holes, but not in the correct place for those bolts.)
Also the GT275 has an extra part of the lift mechanism to attach the bracket for the tiller. So the LX176 can not handle the tiller without several changes. Plus the GT has a transmission that is stronger to handle ground engagement. Perhaps the person you bought the tractor from was mistaken, and his dad used a different tractor to till with.
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It is also possible that your hood says LX176 but the model number plate at the back says GT275 since some people replace a broken hood with hood from a different tractor.
Here is a link to the manual about how to install the rototiller.
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