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JD LX176 +tiller... HELP!

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Last fall I came into possession of a very clean LX176 that runs really well. It came with a JD 38" mower deck and a 3rd party snowblower both of which work fine.

Also included was a JD 30" mechanical tiller. I was told that the tiller does connect and run well and shown the garden that he said his Dad had tilled with it the previous spring. Father had past and the son was moving away.

Try as I might I cannot figure out how they had ever had the thing mounted.... and local JD dealer service were of no help whatsoever...I am hoping that maybe someone here has a pointer or two to let me get to sleep at night.
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It had to Be Modified to fit as the LX100 series was never Meant to run the 30inch PTO driven tiller it Has a different rear hitch from the GT242, GT262 and GT275
But Take Picture of the Rear of the Tractor I might be able to tell How he modified it to fit and Take a Picture of the Tiller & Tiller Frame as well (y)
If it was Mounted it was Modified to fit Tilling will Not Be a Problem for a K61 to Handle as The K61 and K62 were used In the Sabre Yard Tractors which were Capable of using a 30inch Tiller But they Had the same rear Hitch Plate as a GT275 so Part of the Problem was already solved with the Sabre Yard tractors. The K61 would Not be good for running sleeve Hitch Implements such as a 10inch Plow or row crop cultivator But tilling it will be fine For As the Tractor is just there to Provide Power and Guide the Tiller. I have a friend with a LT180 with a K46 Been running a Bercomac 30inch Belt driven PTO tiller for over 10 years on it no transmission issues (y)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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