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Attention fellow STM’s, (Shade Tree Mechanics). The following may save you time, money and aggravation.

Today, my wife and I were mowing the lawn. She was on her JD X728 lawn tractor and I on my X728. About 10 minutes before we finished her mower just died as if the key was turned off.

I went over to inspect and remembered when this happened last year. So, I checked for the usual suspects air, fuel spark. Air and fuel were good but when the key was turned on there was no electrical current at all, nothing, zip. No dash lights or gauges were working and no sound of the fuel pump priming either.

Remembering what happened last year I checked the fuses one at a time and found dust had once again accumulated in the hollow portion of the fuse from prong to prong. I blew out each fuse with a “Dust Off” product, (Compressed air works fine as well). Then they were reinstalled, and the tractor ran as designed. Problem solved.

The bottom line here is that fuse manufacturers have changed the design of these fuses. There is now a hollow space between the prongs which over time collects dust and causes a resistance across them. This in turn drops the voltage and electronic ignitions do not like voltage drops so the engine shut down.

So, if you have a machine that just stops check your fuses. I hope this saves someone else time and money.

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