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JD Hyd quick disconnects for a 2320

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Does anyone know what size and type the hydraulic quick disconnects are on a 2320? I am in the process of purchasing the parts to install an electric diverter valve for my snowblower chute control and need 6 female bulkhead and 2 male quick disconnect couplers. The dealer has to special order them and they are $40.00 each:eek:mg: so that is like $320.00 just for the disconnects. I know the hyd lines are 3/8" but the parts guy could not find any specs on the fittings or even the type of thread end they have.

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Don't know the specs, but I do know they are not standard on my 2305... I went off to get a quick disconnect spare from the local princess-auto... they have 1/4, 3/8, etc... sizes.... I found one that was the right size end to fit into the quick disconnect, but the hose end thread was different.... All I can imagine is that they are metric... most (if not all) the hardware on the tractor is predominantly metric, so it could be the same with the couplers....
Wally I checked myself online and the ones a person needs at 30.23 list price, they are ORB fittings. Here is a list of the pieces needed to make one complete coupler..

38H1168 Adapter (This is the bulkhead adapter) $8.00
AM102487 Coupler $30.23
R26448 O ring
40M1826 Snap ring

Should be abt 40 bux for all the parts. Again they are ORB and that is why they seem a bit different.

If you make your own hoses they PA Pioneer 1/4" male ends work

When I hooked up my front blade I needed new fittings for the hose ends. It seems to me the QC's are 1/4". I got what I needed at Princess Auto. The JD style has a ball in the end of the male fitting. The ones I got at PA had a round post and I was a bit concerned but they worked fine. It is only a snow blade so the flow required is not that great. They may not be compatible for a high flow application like a loader? I got everything I needed at PA including the custom hoses and it all worked fine - no leaks.

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