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JD Customer Service?

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Around 1 pm on Saturday, as I was mowing the lawn,i noticed a hydraulic leak. I got back to the garage right away, and quickly found that one of the hoses going to the steering cylinder had a cut. The dealer closes for the weekend Saturdays at noon, so I was out of luck. My son and I spent the next couple of hours disassembling the dash and steering tower in order to remove the damaged hose.

On Sunday, I tried NAPA and Tractor Supply, but both said: "I've never seen a fitting like that."

Monday morning, I called the dealer. The parts guy told me they didn't have one, and neither did their three other stores. Furthermore, Deere has them on backorder, and no one know when they'll get them. So I went online. Before placing an order, I phoned each place. Same story; backorder, undetermined delivery. Nothing on eBay or Craigslist. Called a local hydraulic hose supplier, sent a picture. "Never seen one of those before."

So I called the manager of the dealer to see if he had any ideas. He said he would get together with the parts guy to find out what they could do. Meanwhile, I found the manufacturer's name on the hose, Manuli, and what appears to be the assembly part number stamped on both fittings. So I emailed them, but I doubt I'll ever hear from them.

By this time, it was time to leave work, so I went to the Deere store to talk to the manager. He told me that he and the parts guy called John Deere, and they were told that an order for the parts would not be placed with their vendor until they had enough orders. This part is still used on the 2025.

So I'm stuck with a non-functional tractor until Deere gathers enough orders. My tractor is a 2012 2320. Does this sound unreasonable to anyone else?

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I would go above them. That is 100% not acceptable.
Can you post a pic of the hose and ends?
Since you were looking at the weekend with the service departments closed...I would have wrapped the hose with Rescue Tape until the service department could look at it...this stuff has allowed us to finish haying at least once...:)
I would think everything would be o-ring boss or JIC still. I cant imagine going away from that. If it does turn out to be something else, then I am disappointed that they would do that for two reasons. One, I expect Deere to build something that is compatible with the industry standard, so that this type of situation doesnt happen; and two, if I pay money for a product from them and it breaks, it needs to be fixed NOW. For all they know you use it to make a living, and if its down you dont make a living.
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The JD heavy industrial dealers make hoses to order and stock a pretty good selection of fittings as do real hydraulic shops! Must be somebody that can get one made up for you in NH. The Hose Connection in Tiverton RI has baled out some friends of mine in the past, but it's a bit of a ride for you.
I can feel your pain--and YES--in my eyes as the consumer--that kind of thing is un-acceptable....But in the real world--and I have worked in a shop environment for many years--there are some really screwy fittings /hose ends that seem to be 'pre-priotory'--or very special--that NO ne makes......

WHY?? Most likely $$ as I see it. What the dealer charges you, and what it actually costs to make many hydraulic hoses is crazy. However--the other side of the coin is they have the hose/fittings/adaptors--the machines, and the knowledge to make what you need.:dunno::dunno:

I talked to one friend one day when I was getting some hydraulic hoses made up at a decent sized shop--and he noted there was about a 200% markup on them.
Also--back down the line--BLAME the engineers that design these machines--they could make it a lot simplier, but then you might be able to fix it yourself.

Sorry--haven't really helped your problem--but that's how things are here in my part of the country. All the JD dealers in a 200 mile circle are the same company--one big chain.
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We have a hydraulic sponsor. Magister hydraulics. I have a local store that's never let me down. Hersh packing and rubber in Canal Winchster Ohio
Politely ask the Service manager to open a "unit down" DTAC parts case. this is the fastest way to get the ball rolling the the JD world. An answer would be expected from Deere with in 24 hours,sooner most of the time. Has the Parts MGR done a dealer search? Deere can "look" into every dealers inventory and see if one can be located. I worked at a dealer for almost 15 yrs, I don't like a lot of Deere's ways, but they can usually find a way to help you, if the dealer will just get interested in helping you (the customer) If all else fails, take the hose off and to a good hydraulic hose place, they may even be able to cut the hose at the cut and put male and female fittings there to join it back. ( I had to do that one weekend with my backhoe for a odd hose)
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This is why I love coming to this forum! A bunch of great folks that are helpful, knowledgeable and sympathetic!

Upper5Percent, thanks for the info on the Rescue Tape!

The hose is item 7 in the diagram that Steph posted. Merci beaucoup, mon ami! See the 90 degree bend at the steering block? Everyone I've talked to, many with lots of years of experience, has said "I've never seen anything like that." As far as I can tell (and the dealer, too), this configuration is only used on the 2320 and 2025. Maybe on the equivilent Yanmar/Cub Cadet.

OK, so Manuli got back to me! They put me in touch with Hydraulic Connections in Paterson, NJ, their northeast US distributor. I talked to Scott Miller, who was incredibly helpful. I sent him a picture and gave him the numbers I could find. He and his colleague, both with many years of experience, said "We've never seen anything like that." Scott offered to quote cutting off the female fitting (the cut is right at the end of the ferrule) and crimping on a new one, shortening the hose by a couple of inches. None of the hose shops I talked to were willing to rework the hose due to liability issues. I'll need to ship the hose to him.

I spoke to the manager at the dealer a little later. He also couldn't find anyone to replicate or rework the hose. He did have the parts guy put in a "Unit Down" report today, so he asked me to not ship out the hose until he had a chance to find out more from Deere.


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Just did a little checking and found that the hose on the other end of the cylinder, key#20 part number LVA803379. is available. I assume it is a little shorter by the diagram, but fittings appear the same. Maybe you could get that one and have a short extension hose made to get you going.
My dealer called me today, and the "unit down" report worked! I should have the hose Thursday. Thanks everyone, I learned a lot!

Easy fix...
Just cut the crimp off the ends and buy new hose and buy just the crimps.
You might have to buy the whole different fitting just to buy the crimps.
The fitting does not need to match yours because your only useing the crimp part.
Use your old fitting and a new crimp and new hose.
The hardest part is cutting of the old crimp with out damaging the fitting.
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My dealer called me today, and the "unit down" report worked! I should have the hose Thursday. Thanks everyone, I learned a lot!


glad to hear that!!
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