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JD 950 cold weather start problem

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needin a bit a bit of advice if someone has a minute. Its about 15 degrees out and was hoping to put on my log spiltter on to get some splitting done. starter is firing and she gets this close to starting but won't- a fair amount of whitish smoke coming out. Could I have some water or some other fule problem?? any advice wouyld be greatly appreciated :trink39:
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It's really cold right now, the battery may not be up to snuff. There might be water in the fuel. Is your fuel gelled? Check your fuel filter sediment bowl/housing. I get whitish smoke when first starting up if the engine is cold (and I have not preheated the engine block), but it stops after the fire up. Do you have a preheater? Have you added fuel additives? Do you use bio-diesel?
Are you using the intake heater? Turn the key backwards for 15 - 30 seconds before cranking. There is a glow plug in the intake manifold and fuel drips on it to create a small fire in intake. When you crank, it pulls the heat into combustion chamber for easier starting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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