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JD 935 Mower engine dies when I engage the deck

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Hello Forum members:
I’m still working on my old JD935 front deck mower. I’ve resolved several problems, but now when I flip the switch to engage the blade , it seems like it’s going to start and then pulls down so hard that it kills the engine. In trying to figure out what’s wrong, I’ve tried to turn the drive shaft by hand and it’s almost impossible to turn, but when I had my wife manually engage the solenoid, the shaft turns easily. As far as I can tell, the wires to the solenoid are ok. Of course all this “testing” is with the engine not running.
Could this be attributed to anything other than a malfunctioning solenoid? They are so expensive that I hate to buy one as a guess.
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Stuck pulley is the only other thing i can think of.
I moved you to the Pit Row forum which covers this type of mower. Welcome to the forum, hope someone has and answer for ya.
I'd suggest disconnecting the driveshaft and then seeing if the engine still bogs down when you engage the pto. Then you know if the problem is around the engine/pto, or if it's the deck.
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