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jd 650

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my neighbors got a jd 650 he whants to sell me.its got a 4 ft brush hog front blade ans a belly mower.its got 656 hrs on it.need a battery and seat a little touch up also a 4wd w ag tires.hes asking 4800 is that to much.and is there any know probs i should worry about with this unit .thanks all
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Without seeing the tractor, it sounds like a pretty good deal to me. The hours are nice and low and four wheel drive is a huge plus. The front blade is icing on the cake as those aren't too common on the market.

Can you get some photos?
Sounds pretty fair to me at this point. Let's see some pictures!! Book value on the tractor alone is $3000 to $3500. That means the deck and blade are about $750 each. JD wants $2000 for a mower deck (stamping only, no wheels, bearings, belts, blades, brackets, etc...). Front blades are nearly impossible to find...if it has power steering or Hydraulic valves, you have a real find!!! I had a broken FWD lever, I think due to some operator abuse (kind of a weak design) but not expensive to fix (parts, any way). You'll probably never have to worry about that if you don't use your heel to try to shift it while tires are spinning...good luck
Look at this site for what is for sale......

Good luck
sounds like a good deal. The price book oddly is low for what they actually sell for. Most of the time they are on the high side. I paid $4300 for mine in very good shape with a belly mower. I bought it about a year ago and all the ones I found for sale were all about that range.

They all will need seats. Don't buy a new seat, they won't work with the interlock anyway. Just buy a $30 cover directly from JD and it will be like new.

Napa carries a battery for it that will be a lot higher capacity than stock. I think I paid $75ish, although I get discount pricing there. Drop in replacement and it'll spin a lot better than before.
hey speedy u mean just buy the shell as in the plastic backin plate. u wouldnd have the part # for not really wanting the plow blade.what do u guys think i can get for really like to trade the plow blade for a tiller attachment.i will work on picts thanks all
Drop me a PM and some pictures. I have interest in the blade...
The cover is a padded yellow nylon cover that slips ove the old seat and has a latching strap. I don't have a p# but every dealer I've been to has them sitting on the shelf. It's called a compact tractor seat cover. If I remember it was around $29? The seat has a crude reed-like switch built into the base plate. Without it you have no electric. All the Ebay seats that say they fit a 650 don't have it. You'd either have to get creative in rigging up something else to work or jump it out. It may be a pain but it saved me once when I wasn't thinking and went to get off the tractor without shutting the mower off. Brain fart. Also the seat base doesn't have the standard bolt pattern the bigger tractors have. That is, a square bolt plate that most every replacement seat will bolt to. The 650 seat have 2 sleeves fitted with bushings that are unique to the tractor or a Yanmar. I looked at trying to figure out some way to make a standard replacement seat fit and decided it really wasn't worth it.

Which plow blade does it have on it? I may be interested. I also have a Woods 52 tiller that is like brand new. I am the second owner and when I bought it from the PO there wasn't a scratch on it. The tines still looked like new. I used it twice for a 30x40 plot without any stones in it, so it still looks like new. When I bought my 750 later in the year it came with a tiller with a box blade built onto it so I don't really need 2. I had really wanted to trade the tiller for a front blower but they are few and far between.
speedy the seat is broken in the back so the main structure of the seat is pretty much i need the whole seat im thinking.are you telling me that yould trade the tiller for the front blade its a jd blade im def intertaining that thought for sure
You'll need to find a 650 specific seat then. Most of the ones on Ebay are generic seats with a flat plate mounting system.

I'd think about a partial trade. There's a guy here locally who has a brand new JD 54"blade still on the pallet who wants $700 for it. This being a Woods tiller it'll fetch in the area of $1200.00

Where are you located btw?
just outside binghamton ny
Ok, not too far. I am between Buffalo and Rochester in Elma.
You'll need to find a 650 specific seat then. Most of the ones on Ebay are generic seats with a flat plate mounting system.

I'd think about a partial trade. There's a guy here locally who has a brand new JD 54"blade still on the pallet who wants $700 for it. This being a Woods tiller it'll fetch in the area of $1200.00

Where are you located btw?
Wondering if I need that blade...I have a front blower, but what if we get a really wet snow??? Maybe we could work something out with this cab building project???;)
I can't say, that's up to you.

On my 750 I have a model 67 FEL and a 6ft back blade. For my shop that's a great combination. At the house I have a 6ft back blade on the 650 and an Ariens 9hp blower. I have been searching for a front blower for the 650 but the only 2 I have found that were all there and working were both in the area of $2500. One of those blowers is owned by a guy who also has a 750 which came with a brand new 54" power tilt/swivel blade. It's still on the pallet and has never even been mounted. He's asking $700 for that. I was originally looking at the plow, but with a good rear blade it didn't make sense to go that route. I can get a new 2011 5ft rear blower which isn't as good as a front mount for about $1400, but then I lose the blade. To add the blade on the front there's the $700 and I'm back over $2k which would be close to the original plan.

I'm not sure what to do myself.
hey speedy you mentioned that you had a woods tiller .how big is it .im wondering that being the 650 if you tiller would be to much for the 2 cyl deisel assuming its a 5 fter.the machine isnt home yet.its freezing out and i know it belongs in my warm garage,instead of the cold pole barn it really on the fence about thie because i know where theres a 455 garden tractor deisel w 1000 hrs 3 pt hitch and rear pto for the same price.what should i do *** i hate this decision i want both but can only have one
The 455 is a Lawn mower and the 650 is a compact utility... apples and oranges. The PTO on the 455 is probably 2000 rpm and attachments are hard to come by. Whereas the 650 is a normal 540 PTO and attachments are easy (cheaper) to find. Keep in mind the PTO is rated at 16hp, so it's not a super-powerfull tractor.

600 hours is nothing for that engine... if it was properly cared for.

The seat is just a tiny detail, how about the over-all shape? Any rust? Any noises? Tight steering? Clutch? and very important..... engine blow-by?

I think $4800 is very fair depending on the condition. For comparisons sake, mine had 1500 hours, no attachments, and sat out in the weather for at least one year. It was the only 650 4x4 on TractorHouse for under $4k.

Good luck, any pictures?
455 rear PTO is 540 rpm, same 16hp rating as the 650...
The tiller is a GTC52 and works like a dream. I tilled early in the Spring and it was much too wet and clumped. Oh and it was on an 8n back then. I did it again in the Fall with the 650 and it turned some really nice soil. The 650 handled it just fine. A touch of bounce on lift at the end of the row, but I really should have had more weight on the front. I think I only had about 40lbs on it. I want to pick up a couple more 42lb suitcases over the Winter.

And to add, under 1000 hours is a baby. My 650 has around 1400 and the 750 around 1700 I think. To me both are like new. In comparison my 2 1949 8n's are probably much closer to 10,000 hours and they're still going strong. Lawnmower's wear out, tractors don't.
455 rear PTO is 540 rpm, same 16hp rating as the 650...
Thanks for the correction!! The older 400 series tractors don't have the 540 rpm, but you are correct; the 445-455 do have the 540 available as an option.

speedy thats all i needed to hear im going to buy the 650.i just got approved for refinancing my house:fing32:so im waiting on appraisal title said no more than 2 wouldnt want to part with one of those tillers would ya:praying:
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