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JD 60 Repair or sell?

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We have a JD 60 that came with land we bought this year. It was working, but even then had difficulty starting. Because of a few months delay between when we were supposed to close to when it really happened, the tractor sat outside for that time not being used.

No - I can't start it. I put in a new battery, and it does turn over. Whoever serviced it before put in a 12v system, a new starter, some odd fuel valve and such. The carburetor bowl leaks a bit.

So basically it sits there and I can't get it going. The hydrolics leak, and the 3pt is known to just drift down (seller - just needs a gasket, "just use some cheap hydrolic fluid since it will leak out anyway")

So it is worth it to try to find a mechanic to fix it?
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Depends.. could you use it? Would you use it? If it was me i would keep it fix it and use it. BUT not everybody is me (lucky for them)....
I think I would at the very least get it running, it's not worth as much as a non runner. The bigger question is as TG asked,, if it was running would you use it? If so then I would put some more coin in it, they are a heck of a machine but lack a cup holder and foot controlled hydro :ROF I thought they had a healthy drinking habit myself but with no payments to make she can burn alot of gas.
Good points.
I think I would use it. I really want to use it.
I use a JD2305 to brush hog right now, and I have a bigger brush hog for the JD60, and I bet it would be great. I am new to all this, and really the big tractor intimidates me, and I keep thinking that it will flip over and kill me if I ever got it working.

The other problem is trying to find someone who would come get it and fix it since I have no way to bring it anywhere.

But, yes I really want to want to use it.
Well I have had the pleasure? of owning and operating many of the old johnny poppers over the years, including a 60. What makes you think it will "flip over"?, do you have steep ground? If you dont have the skills to get it running check around with the local farmers there is usually a guy or two in the area who go around to the location of the machine and repair onsite. Probably just needs a good tune up and a carb clean.
Part of the irrational (or not) fear comes from the old owner showing it to me and driving it and saying to be careful going up (a tiny bit steep) the driveway with a box blade hooked up. He said it could flip - and without any other knowledge, believed him. After all, he had been using that and other tractors for 50 years, and I drove up in my minivan.
hmmm,, I dont remember a 60 being that light in the front, the one I had was a wide front one though. Does this one have power steer? if so just add some weight to the front and be sure it wont come up,,, you can add weight to a non power steer, just makes it a bit harder to steer. Just start out with the machine out in the wide open and work up as your experience builds, better yet find an experienced user and get some mentoring to start. A good machine if ya got the room to use it, dont mind the hand clutch, and the gas it can use.
They are a brute for sure. I have a 60 and love to hear it run. I have a hill, it rises 40 ft in a length of 110 ft. No problem empty or with a bush hog on it. NF. But it did about get me, I was used to foot clutch, and was not ready to stop quick enough and ran over a stump with a rear wheel. Now when in uncharted fields, I keep my hand on that clutch.
Great tractor, and if it has original 3 pt, that is worth something. You can learn to tune up from guys on this site or others. It is not rocket science, just common sense. Learn to do it, and will be happier.
I hope to get some local help in getting it up and running. Maintenance I think I can do, fixing, however is something else. It has a 3pt and PTO and was used to brush hog and grade with a box blade in the past year or so, but has a leaking hydrolic system so things drift down.
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