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JD 455 problems, electrical

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Hi all,

My 455 has a problem that I'm hoping you can help with.

Running fine then just died as if it had been turned off.

Went to restart but the fuel pump isnt running and the shut off solenoid isnt moving.
Everything else is fine.

It is an eletrical problem, fuses are fine. Any idea where to go next?

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No, no power to the pump, I think there must be a problem with one of the circuit boards maybe to have both the fuel pump and the fuel solenoid stop at once.

In order to get home I wired the fuel pump to the headlights and taped the solenoid closed and its runs like that, so no mechanical problems, just electrical.
Thanks for the tech manual, waiting for it to download.

The seat switch is long gone. I do not know about the interlock lights? Are those the little LEDs on the PCD on the right hand side? If so neither are lit.

Hi Guys,
turned out it was the bonnet switch. It has had a jumper between it and I noticed when I was pulling the side panels off that the jumper had been pulled out (presumably by a stray branch, as it died next to a hedge).
Put it back in and shes working again.
Hi Harry, there is a hood switch on my 455! Mine is a later model than yours, so maybe yours doesnt have it.
Come to think on it though, there were switches on all the ones I have worked on, so maybe its a UK spec thing?

I saw in the post in your signature about a reverse pedal upgrade. Do you have a link to more details on this?
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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