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JD 455 problems, electrical

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Hi all,

My 455 has a problem that I'm hoping you can help with.

Running fine then just died as if it had been turned off.

Went to restart but the fuel pump isnt running and the shut off solenoid isnt moving.
Everything else is fine.

It is an eletrical problem, fuses are fine. Any idea where to go next?

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Glad you got it fixed. Ok in the UK I know that 'bonnet' means hood. There is no hood switch on a 455 so I am still searching for what you are talking about :).
I think Evald has it correct. There are no hood switches in the US. @ Mith_J, yes that reverse pedal is a common EBay item with a couple of guys making variations on it. The (2) main variations are adjustable and non-adjustable. Supposedly the adjustable one lets you set top reverse speed, and the non-adjustable one is full speed with it all the way down. I chose the non-adjustable because I am confident that I can control the speed with my foot, and so far I am correct. Here's a link to the seller I bought it from;
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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