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JD 455 - ??? any front end mower that utilize the quick hitch???

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All - I'm 67 years old and my JD 455 is 23 years old - sweet machine! I'm getting to the point where it is tough to crawl under the tractor to hook up the belly mower deck each spring (and remove it each fall!). I have the slick little front-end quick connect for the snow blade and I was wondering if any of you folks might know of a Deere or an after-market mower that would hook up in the front of the JD 455 and take advantage of the front-end quick connect feature? Thanks!
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I've searched a lot for Quik Tatch accessories but so far other than blade, snowblower, snowthrower, broom and the after market grapple I've not found much more.

I plan on eventually building myself a kit of reel mowers, 2 of which will be in front of the tractor to clear the wheel's path and 3 more under my tractor. This will probably be way lighter than the mid mowers.

Otherwise do you have a 3 points hitch? 3points mowers are quite common and some mid mount mowers are easy to convert to 3points.
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