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JD 455 - ??? any front end mower that utilize the quick hitch???

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All - I'm 67 years old and my JD 455 is 23 years old - sweet machine! I'm getting to the point where it is tough to crawl under the tractor to hook up the belly mower deck each spring (and remove it each fall!). I have the slick little front-end quick connect for the snow blade and I was wondering if any of you folks might know of a Deere or an after-market mower that would hook up in the front of the JD 455 and take advantage of the front-end quick connect feature? Thanks!
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Thanks cnymowinplowinsailin! Yes, we just had the Denver Western Stock Show and I'm looking to get one of the used Rodeo tractors that would fit the needs. And so far, fabrication looks like the only option! I was hoping someone had already tackled this.....
Thanks celltech! I hadn't thought of that, but it may be an option. I'm in rural Colorado and the nearest dealer is about 40 minutes, but they might be affordable and willing!
Thanks MacWorld! I like the 3-point rear mower idea, but haven't done any research on that at all! Time to get started on that!
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