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JD 445 on older jd tiller

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Hey guys... I bought a 445 at a auction a few weeks ago for a good deal...It wouldnt start and all it was is a bad connection. Anyway I have a 318 that has a jd tiller on it. Its not the hydralic tiller its a pto driven one with the 2000 rpm shaft. My question is can I get a diffrent pto shaft with the 540 splines to run it on the 455. I think the 455 has the shifter handle to change speeds if im correct.
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Here are some pics of the tiller.


The shifter handle engages or disengages the rear PTO. I would sell the 2000rpm one and find a used 540 somewhere

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Yea kinda looks like I will have to do that... The tiller is in great shape but just to big for the 318.
Yeah the 445 has the more desirable 540 pto speed. No easy or affordable way to mate the tiller to the tractor. You'd need a speed increaser and engineering that would make the project expensive. The 2000rpm tiller will bring 800-1200 easy, if you're looking to sell. You can use any 540rpm tiller behind the 445 as long as it's within the tractors hp limitation and it's a cat0/1.
Thanks Kris. Im going to start Looking.
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