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JD 445/FD620D Plastic Cam Failure/Replacement

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I finished replacing the plastic cam gear in my 445. I recorded some youtube video of the replacement. Also below is a spreadsheet of the parts, and some identifying info that came from folks on this list. Hopefully this will make it easier for anyone else that has the plastic gear fail.

Overview Video

Parts Spreadsheet

FD620D Model Reference (sticker below front accessory shaft, although many are missing)
Engines marked FD620D-AS01, BS01 have a plastic cam gear
Engines marked FD620D-CS01, DS01 have a steel cam gear

JD 445 Model Year Serial Numbers for Reference 1998 started steel gear
1993: 010001-020000
1994: 020001-030000
1995: 030001-040000
1996: 040001-050000
1997: 050001-060000
1998: 060001-070000
1999: 070001-080000
2000: 080001-090000
2001: 090001-

Steel cams starting with...
FD620D-CS00 - Beginning serial 153727 - Model F911
FD620D-DS02 - Beginning serial 149283 - Model 425
FD620D-CS01 - Beginning serial 150198 - Model 445
FD620D-ES11 - Beginning serial 152490 - Model 6x4 Gator

Thanks for all the help from this forum! It was not a bad job at all especially knowing I had support here if I needed it.

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Good deal TT mine had already been replaced when I bought the tractor but the rest of the engine needed rebuilding which I did. I have another 620 sitting under the work bench with the cam busted that I picked up as a spare cheap. When the fund's are available it will also get a rebuild. BILL
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